Customer care is the most important factor in OMF’s success.
The punctuality in deliveries that has always distinguished us goes along with the analysis of processing strategies, to optimize the final result for the customer, starting from the design phase. Thanks to a proactive approach, we can anticipate solutions and work to achieve that customer satisfaction which is essential in a company’s success.
Over the years, strategies have evolved, moving from paper drawings to "mathematics" in the most common formats; machines have changed from being manual to being 4.0 CNC operated; and the focus of workflows has shifted to ISO 9001 certification, but flexibility and customers' needs will always play a central role in operational decisions.


In an increasingly digitalized world, the Technical Department is essential to establish a proactive collaboration with customers. This is vital in building the “service” that makes OMF an ideal partner. OMF has been implementing cad-cam software since 1994.
Keeping flexibility in mind, we chose two main products: PowerMill by Delcam, with a dedicated suite for 3D processing, and Esprit by Auton Sistemi allowing more flexibility in 2D processing.

Industry 4.0

The process of continuous improvement carried on by OMF has naturally led to the pursuit of greater synergy between the hardware and the software. In this perspective, we complemented our cad cam software with a specific processing control and verification software featuring real-time communication with the machines.
The development of the company towards this goal is still in progress because we strongly believe that the conditions for a long-lasting evolution may only arise with continuous innovation. The Industry 4.0 project - promoted by the Italian government - has been integrated into this technological evolution, allowing a significant boost in this direction.



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