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Rotating die-boxes


The assembly of the wire-drawing dies on an axis that compels rotation was an intuition that was as simple as it was ingenious. It allows obtaining a drawn wire of better quality and a lower and more even consumption of the die,  preventing ovalization.

The first in Italy to produce such a machine, OMF is now close to having delivered 6000 die-boxes!

This is a remarkable achievement, together with a very high MTBF which makes our customers choose us for the reliability of our products.

We can assemble die-boxes of various typologies from Ø mm 28 43 53 63 80 to draw wire from Ø 3 mm to Ø 20 mm.

The table shows a summary of the different product typologies. [ See Table ]



But the real strong point of our “box” is its personalization.

Manufacturing flexibility, together with careful programming, allows us to deliver personalised products in very short periods of time  and to meet, every day, all our customers’ requirements.
Trust our experience!

The best way to purchase the right product is to provide us with the characteristics of your production and the maximum dimensions.
Our Technical Department will deal with the rest, supplying you with the machine (standard or Personalized) right for you. And letting you save money!

We also produce a special die-box for the production of helicoidal square wire, FA10ME, which targets a specific market niche.

The OMF technicians are at your disposal for all your manufacturing and dimensional requirements and for special operative characteristics.

Do not hesitate to contact us!.



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